Set amongst mountains, creeks, bucolic fields, early American farmhouses and historic sites, our bright, serene barn and farmhouse suite are idyllic, central locales for your next trip to the Hudson River Valley.

The barn was meticulously saved, designed and crafted by the property owners.  The interior serenely opens to the expansive meadow and hill behind the barn.   Reclaimed wood, fixtures, and hardware abound, old beams demarcate the barn's bones, while saved farmhouse sashes dramatically divide the spaces.  The hil behind the barn is a veritable wildlife sanctuary in summer and a bucolic field year round.

The barn is a tight squeeze for eight.  It depends largely on your group and privacy and sleeping preferences.  Please study the space and sleeping arrangements or certainly ask questions if any. Larger groups tend to work best for families with kids or close knit groups of friends.

The upstairs and downstairs bedroom each have queen beds.  The living room also has a daybed and pull out couch (both queen size). The daybed is a favorite choice for many to sleep by the fire.

If it has not been already booked, larger groups (greater than six) may make use of the private farmhouse suite made up of one guest bedroom (with queen bed), living room, and a full bathroom.  It’s entrance is the two big white French doors in the house photos.  The farmhouse suite is attached to the rest of the family home where we live and requires more quiet.  The barn also has a playful loft with a queen size mat that is a another great place to hang out in, nap, or play with a collection of vintage Fisher Price toys.

The barn has a private washer & dryer.

We are now accepting direct bookings if you follow the big book now button at left.  If preferred, you may also book through Airbnb, here. If interested in the farmhouse suite, click here.

We have a cycling component coming soon.

We will soon offer a full suite of supportive services for cyclists who come for the intimate experience of seeing the Hudson River Valley on two wheels, including:

  • bike rentals and demos
  • curated routes on transformative roads (including pre-programmed routes on bike computers with turn by turn instruction)
  • bike stands to clean or work on your ride
  • pumps, tools, and basic drive-train cleaning & lubing necessities
  • covered indoor storage
  • sag support (arrange ahead)
  • transportation of luggage and bikes from nearest train stations
  • shipping facilitation for bikes and accessories (fees may apply)
  • parts and professional mechanical work depending on availability
  • covered or indoor storage
  • other requests, please inquire.

The old transport roads of the Hudson River Valley and southern New England will take you back in time.  Closer to the Hudson you will find flatter roads connecting quaint river towns. Everywhere else, hills and steep punchy climbs predominate.  There are plenty of routes that can average 100’ of climbing for every mile. iconic climbs such as Bash Bish, Mcgee, and Turkey Hill (from all 4 sides) are memorable.  In almost every case, climbs will reward with gorgeous views across the Taconics, often towards the Catskills or Berkshires. If gravel is your thing, there is plenty of that too!

To see a sampling of our routes, click here.