barn upper level

the upstairs interior is one flowing interconnected space punctuated by vibrant reclaimed wood, fixtures and hardware. recycled farmhouse windows and beams highlight the bones of the space. the barn is married to the land behind the barn, a veritable wildlife sanctuary in summer and a bucolic field year round.

the living/dining room contains the fireplace, sofas, dining table, a daybed and a pullout couch (both queen size). the kitchen opens into the main room with a bar with two chairs connecting the spaces. a small bedroom links the main room and the upstairs bathroom (with shower). a foyer to the bathroom serves as a changing room with dresser and a quaint nook with views of our our neighbors' pond and mountain across the street. a lofted play space can also be accessed on the barn's second floor.

to note: the bedroom walls and dividers of the loft do not reach the ceiling, thus sound and light flows through the space, unifying the space, but might affect light sleepers.