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Property Rules

You will be asked to agree to the house rules during the booking process. 

Barn Rules (suite rules below)



1. DOGS: Please make sure to enter dogs in extras if bringing (up to 2 max).  Dogs MUST be well-behaved, relatively quiet, and won't scratch furniture, floors or curtains - thank you!)   If dogs do shed, please keep them off beds and put blankets over furniture (we can provide).  Dirty paws are common too - please keep them clean.  Guests must also clean up #2s from their dogs in the mowed grass areas.

2. Check in time is anytime after 4pm.  Check out time is up until 11am.  (Please strictly adhere unless otherwise pre-arranged).

3. The maximum number of guests is limited to the number of persons agreed upon during the reservation.  The barn can accomodate 5 maximum.   The base price is for 2 guests.   For each guests above 2, the rate is $55/night/per person.   We must be notified and pre-approve any plan to bring more guests than have been reserved and your invoice needs to be amended and paid, prior to arrival.  We reserve the right to cancel any reservation without refund if more guests arrive than have been reserved.

4. Please count children two and over among the total number of guests for invoice calculating.

5. Photo, film shoots, or any commercial activity are not permitted unless pre-approved.

6. Any plan to have non-paying guests visit needs to be approved by us prior to booking.   An additional fee or security deposit may be required.  The total number people that can be considered on our property at one time is 10.

7. Parking spaces are limited.  Five total spaces can be made available.

8. Please be respectful of neighbors and the home owners concerning noise.  No loud noise outside before 8am or after 9pm.  Amplified music should not be audible outside the barn at any time.   Please be aware that children live on the premises and also sometimes other guests are in the farmhouse suite.

9. Heavy drinking, partying or any drug use is not allowed.  The property is a family property and as such, the expectation is that guests will respect the space and the environment around them.

10. Please keep things that may stain (red wine, massage oils, etc.) away from duvet covers, fine linens on daybed and reading nook, and white upholstered furniture.

11. If you wear foundation make-up, they leave permanent stains.  Removing wipes are provided in the upstairs bathroom to remove before showering or sleeping.  Thank you!

12. If you decide to sleep on the day-bed or the pull-out couch, please use sheets (located in the upstairs bedroom shelves)

13. NO hot pans or pots on the copper countertops.  They can cause the adhesive underneath the copper to fail.

14. No cooking food (e.g. marshmallows, hot dogs) of any sort in the indoor fireplace.

15. If rain is forecasted or coming down, please close west facing windows (toward the pond).

16. Due to burn bans and occasional dry weather, please check with us before use of outdoor fire pits.

17. Smoking is allowed outside only.  Butts must be disposed of in the aluminum pot at the bottom of the barn deck stairs.

18. Please clean dishes before leaving and leave used beds unmade so we know which beds have been used. Also, please place trash & recycling in bins between the two garage doors.  Recycling does not need to be sorted.  Plastic bags go in garbage.

19. NEVER remove logs that have been burning in the fireplace, or put water in the fireplace to extinguish a fire.   Let all remaining logs burn out with the door properly closed.    If checking out and a fire is still burning, please let us know.

20. You may want to purchase travel insurance as we follow a strict cancellation policy.

21. Please provide your verified full name in your profile or be willing to provide it to us directly.    Please also be willing to share the names of other guests.

22. We, the property owners, do not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property.  Noncompliance with policies may result in a in full forfeiture of payment and deposit and being asked to leave the premises.

23.  Do not put anything in the toilets or drains other than the normal stuff.   (No wipes, diapers, or clothes, yes, that’s happened :-()  The downstairs toilet uses a macerator & pump to get waste to the septic system and non normal stuff jams the macerator and pump.  It will result in an emergency plumbing fee.

24. No drones or firearms.



• We encourage cooking steaks, hamburgers, meats, anything you think might be smoky to be cooked outdoors on the grill.  (Smoke detectors in the barn and house often go off with smoky cooking ...we need a hood!)   We do not stock charcoal.

• Our home and one neighbor is visible to the south and west of the barn (please see photos); in winter parts of the homes of two other neighbors are visible in the distance.

• We ready the queen beds in each bedroom. The queen sized daybed and queen sized fold-out couch in main room are left unmade but with sheets and bedding provided, which need to be put on for night-time use if you plan to use them.

• We are officially in the town of Gallatin, though we need to put down Red Hook as that is our mailing address. We are 14 minutes to the village of Red Hook and 7 minutes to Pine Plains.

• Cycling here is glorious. To check out a few routes we made with photos, go online to “ridewithgps” and search routes around Gallatin, NY.

• If the power goes out, the hot water heater will need to be turned back on. it is located behind the curtain at the bottom of the stairs. the on/off button is on the front lower right hand corner.

• If needed, additional soap and toiletries can be found in the downstairs utility room closet.

• We are in the country and by a meadow.   Sensitivity (allergies and asthma) to pollen or bees should be taken into consideration.   Let us know of any bee nests that are bothersome and we will remove.    Tick checks are encouraged as well!

• The water is here is of excellent quality.   We encourage drinking it!  (No need to buy bottled water!)



Suite Rules


• Heat and a/c: remote controls are under each mini-split head unit and all need to be on the same mode setting (i.e. heat, cool, etc...)  to work properly. (The thermostat just to the left of the bathroom door is non-functional.)

• Check out time is 11am unless otherwise pre-arranged.  Check in time can be as early as 2pm.   Please check with us to verify.

• Cleaning used dishes before departure is much appreciated

• Please place trash & recycling in bins between the two garage doors before departure. Plastic bags go in garbage. Recycling does not need to be sorted.

• After 9pm, we ask that guests be mindful of noise, keeping it to a minimum after that time.

• Partying, heavy drinking or the use of any illicit drugs are not allowed.

• If rain is forecasted or coming down, please make sure the front windows of the living room and the rear windows of the bedroom are closed.

• The maximum number of guests for the suite is two (2) including children.  We can not make exceptions for this after booking.

• The suite is not suitable for young children who might be difficult to keep quiet.

• Please inform us if you have any visitors coming during daylight hours.

• No pets allowed under any circumstances.

• Photo/film shoots are not permitted without permission and fee established.

• IF THERE’S ANYTHING not meeting expecations or that would keep you from giving a 5 star reveiw, PLEASE LET US KNOW!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!

Get in Touch

Email Gregg at with questions!

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