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frequently asked question

A full list of barn and suite rules can be found here, which we ask you to agree to during the booking process.  Our privacy policy can be found here.

    Do you allow pets? 

    In the barn only, up to 2 maximum of well-behaved, quiet and low-shedding dogs are allowed at a rate of 50$ per dog.  We love cats too but are not allowed in either space out of consideration for those with cat allergies.  Please let us know prior to booking or be sure to add on booking platforms.
    What is check in and check out times? 

    Check in in the barn is 4pm; in the farmhouse suite 2pm.  Check out is 11am for both.
    Can big families or groups come?

    The barn can accommodate 5 people max, the suite 2.   Sometimes we allow  both units to be occcupied by one group - please inquire first however.  No parties are allowed under any circumstances, and we are strict about noise outside of the barn.

    Why does the rate go up with more than 2 guests in the barn?

    We charge based on the number of guests.   The base price is for 2 guests.  Above 2, the rate is $50 more/per night/per person.

    Are children welcome?

    Children are welcome in both, however quiet is expected much more in the farmhouse suite, and as such is generally not suitable for children under 13.

    Are children free?
    Only children under age 2 are free.  Children two and over need to included in the total number of guests for invoice calculating.

    Are photos shoots or larger weddings or gatherings allowed?

    Photo, film shoots, or any commercial activity are only permitted after a negotiated prices is agreed upon.   Weddings are not allowed, but meals with friends visiting are usually no problem as long as we are told about them first.


    No.  Parties or any heavy drinking or illicit drug use is not allowed.   Guests who break the guidelines around noise (see terms) will be asked to leave.  We do have neighbors and we, the owners, live in part of the adjacent farmhouse.

    Do you have a grill?
    We do have a Webber grill you may use, but you likely will need to purchase charcoal.   This is great to use for any smoky foods like meats that you would want to cook that might otherwise set off the smoke alarms.  Our stovetops do not unfortunately have a fan.

    Is smoking allowed?
    Not inside.  Smoking is only allowed outside in the designated areas.

    Is your cancellation policy strict?
    Our cancellation policy is fairly strict (50% refunded 21 days before check-in, 0% refunded 14 days before check-in).  But, we are happy to try to rebook nights and refund whatever we can earn instead.

    In some search engines you come up as in Red Hook, is that correct?
    That happens sometimes because our mailing address is Red Hook, but we are in Gallatin, NY.  Enter our address in a map for exact reference.

    Are there neighbors you can see?
    We can see 3 neighbors clearly in the wintertime, but only one in the summer.

    Do you own the pond in the photos?

    No, unfortunately, we do not own the pond.

    Are linens, toiletries and coffee provided?
    We do provide linens, towels, basic toiletries and coffee and tea.  For longer stays you will likely need to pick up more coffee.  The barn kitchen is pretty well stocked with basics for cooking, the farmhouse suite kitchenette less so.

    How is the water quality?  Is it ok for drinking?
    The water here is of excellent quality.  There's no need for bottled water.

    Are drones allowed?

    We do not allow drones or firearms on the property. 

    Anything else we should know?

    Both the barn and suite have quirks that are noted inside in the manuals - please peruse them on arrival.

    Why don’t you just absorb the credit card fees in the price?

    We’d prefer to do that but our channel manager – where we set our rates – places the same rates on Airbnb and other listing platforms as we have on our website. Those sites mark up 15%, which covers the credit card fee in part, and is an expense covered by guests. Thus if we were to cover the credit card fees on bookings made through our website, we would end up earning less through direct booking than through short-term rental sites. Our reason for offering direct bookings is to make our rates more affordable to guests.

    Why don’t you just absorb the barn’s cleaning fee into the nightly price?

    Another good question. Firstly, cleaning the 1700 sq. ft space to the standards we do is a LOT of work.  Secondly, it is again because of the channel manager, which isn’t able to automate cleaning fees within a short-term rental platform, where we want to show a cleaning fee for various reasons. Thus if we did not have a cleaning fee on our own website, taking direct bookings would end up hurting us.

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